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Ghost Hunters of the South (GHOTS)

Mobile, Alabama.

We are a group dedicated to the study of advanced paranormal phenomena that is ghostly in nature. We believe in the use of scientific methods, systematic processes, skepticism and logical thinking for data collection and analysis. As researchers, it is important for us to help individuals understand what might be at work in their environment and help them manage it in a positive manner. We believe this is one, of many, characteristics of the Ghost Hunters of the South that adds to our success.

Following in the footsteps of such great researchers as Harry Price, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , our desire is to present to the community information in a manner which is informative, and educational. It is our hope that with our data we can make strong correlations of paranormal/ghostly events and behaviors and begin to help build a better understanding of alleged ghosts and hauntings. Only through the continued focus and field-testing of theories shall we eventually bring paranormal research into the scientific mainstream.

Phone: 251-300-5701