Pensacola NAS Lighthouse
July 23, 2007




The U.S. government designated Pensacola as a naval base 1824, and authorized a lighthouse for the location--making Pensacola the oldest lighthouse site on the Gulf Coast. At 80 feet in height and blocked by trees; the original lighthouse was not tall or bright enough for the location, and was replaced in 1859. The tower's stands an impressive height of 171 feet which is augmented by it's location on a hill.

The first Keeper, Jeremiah Ingraham, was appointed December 22, 1824 and served as keeper until his death on September 6th 1840. His wife, Michaela, succeeded him and continued as the keeper until her death in 1855.

At the start of the Civil War, Pensacola and the mainland were taken over by Confederate forces while across the bay, Fort Pickens was in Union hands. On April 12, 1861, the same day that the first shot of the Civil War was fired at Ft. Sumter, the occupying confederate troops extinguished the light. They feared the Union Naval ships were using the light to re-supply Ft. Pickens. As part of the siege of Fort Pickens, the lighthouse was used as a lookout tower and cannons and mortars were emplaced in the immediate vicinity. On November 22 and 23, 1861 the opposing sides exchanged canon fire. The lighthouse was struck several times by Union shot but not badly damaged. Following evacuation of the confederates the Union Army tried to re-exhibit the light. They found that the lens and apparatus had been removed. Following the end of the war a fourth-order lens served temporary duty until it was replaced by the present lens.

Prior to 1939, the lighthouse operation was done using clockwork mechanisms. The light was done in oil, whereby the Keeper would have to traverse the spiraling steps of the 171 foot tower with a 5 gallon bucket of oil. In 1939 the old mechanisms were taken out and the lighthouse became electrified. In 1965, the lighthouse operations became automated.

At present time, the Pensacola Lighthouse is maintained by the US Coast Guard, but it is located on the Pensacola Naval Air Station. The NAS is open to the public, and the grounds are accessible for a lighthouse visit. Tours of the tower are only by appointment or during summer Sundays.

Reported Activity and Haunted History

The reports from tour guides are numerous. They range from doors opening and closing by themselves, footsteps heard coming down the tower stairs, and the smell of pipe tobacco lingering in the air. Many believe that the first lighthouse keeper, Jeremiah Ingram, still wanders through his former quarters.
Rumor has it that Jeremiah was accidentally on purpose pushed off the top of the tower by his wife Michaela. Because the courts could never really pin his death on her, they ordered her to fulfill Jeremiah’s duty to which she did until her death in 1855. It is rumored that she still walks the lighthouse and keepers quarters. Many have testified seeing her at the top of the tower late at night and within the confines of the keeper’s quarters.
Other stories that have been reported are stories of seeing a glowing ember, such as a lit cigar, on the inside of the keeper’s quarters by a window while the witnesses were outside.
There have also been stories of hearing children’s laughter through the concave between the keeper’s quarters and the lighthouse itself.
Preliminary Findings & Hypothesis
Other paranormal research teams have collected data in the form of photographs. One of which was an image taken within a mirror. The result showed a lady looking back. There have been psychic readings done at the site which correlate with the sounds of children in the tower. The children are thought to be those of Louis Buras who was a keeper in 1938.

Baseline Readings

Data Duration: 68hrs

Outside Humidity: 82%
Outside Temp: 85 degrees F
Climate: Clear
LST: 03:15
Planetary K Index: 0.9 Kp (K-indices of 5 or greater indicate storm-level geomagnetic activity.)
Geomagnetic: 91nT

The electric and magnetic fields were of no concern. There were no unexpected spikes or any further anomalous readings. The air conditioner when activated would cause the EMF detectors to read >10 mG. This field was not found in the above floor work areas and was of no concern.

Electric and Magnetic Field Readings – Rooms Counter Clockwise

Reading Level Area Notes
0.1 mG 1st Floor – Room 1 No variances noted
0.2 mG 1st Floor – Room 2 No variances noted
0.2 mG 1st Floor – Room 3 No variances noted
0.1 mG 1st Floor – Room 4 No variances noted
0.1 mG 2nd Floor – Room 1 No variances noted
0.2 mG 2nd Floor – Room 2 No variances noted
0.0 mG 2nd Floor – Room 3 No variances noted
0.0 mG 2nd Floor – Room 4 No variances noted
.02 mG Left Basement VCR Room No variances noted
0.4 mG Left Basement Alcove No variances noted
0.7 mG Right Basement Stairs No variances noted
0.2 mG Right Basement Storage No variances noted
.3 mG Right Basement Air Cond. At times, the air conditioner and alarm system would emit > 10 mG

Average temperature per room showed no large fluctuations in temperature. Average temperature was 79.4 degrees F.

Resonant Frequency Analysis

Rooms were measured and calculated for resonant frequency. Due to the size of the rooms and objects within the room the resonant frequency was not a concern. Calculations showed that resonance fell well within acceptable limits.

With the infrasound threshold being around 140dB at 20Hz increasing to about 162dB at 2 Hz; many of the most profound effects of sound are attributed to infrasound in the region of below 13Hz and above or equal to 7Hz. This corresponds with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain. It is also commonly alleged that this is the resonant frequency of the body’s organs and hence organ rupture and death can occur at high intensity exposures.

Video and Audio Analysis
Video: anomalous activity captured: Possible apparition appearance at 2hrs 44min mark of investigation. Review DVD
Thermal: none

Audio: lighthouse bruce 8 voice EVP 2.wav

Experiential Analysis

During the initial walkthrough of the lighthouse, Russ experienced what he said felt like a large spider web net covering his face. Upon examination of the location and on Russ, it was found there were no loose or broken webs in the area. In fact, the lighthouse was extremely clean and void of bugs. Later in the evening, during the investigation, Bruce experienced a push.


The stories and reports of ghosts wondering around this beautiful structure are numerous. From doctors to tour guides, these stories come from all walks of life and each as credible as the rest. The lighthouse has a haunted history that is frightening as well as alluring and one that we should pass on from generation to generation.

We found no overt paranormal activity with the exception of the web feeling Russ had and the push that Bruce had, but there could be many logical reasons for these experiences. The feelings of the web covering Russ’ face could have simply been the humidity drying on his face and the hair starting to straighten up. The push that Bruce had could have been nothing more than a well placed muscle spasm. We can not judge paranormal activity on these two chance occurrences.

While overt signs of paranormal activity were low, the images that were captured were of high interest. One of a dark figure or shadow in the midst of a bright flash that was not reproducible in the area no matter how hard we tried, the other was of a blue glow that was quite obviously neither an orb or a lens flare. This glow was also not reproducible in any fashion that we could find.

We collected about 32 hours of audio data. In that data we found one clip, among many, that could possibly be a voice from someone other then the attendees and investigators. While the bit rate of the digital recording is a bit poor, the recorded voice has distinct and well formed vocal structure. Other audio clips that were of interest were discarded due to poor bit rate recording. We feel, although of high interest, that these clips would be overly scrutinized and not shared with the public. We have, however, added them to the final DVD of the reveal data.

The video anomaly we captured is of important note. While watching the DVR recorder Russ noticed a white, human shaped form appear in a doorway. He stopped the recording and played it back. Several others watched the recording in awe. To verify what we just saw, we systematically attempted to recreate the form with no luck. We determined the form to be approximately 5 foot 7 inches in height. We tried to clip it in a smaller format for web viewing but the quality of the recording degraded too much so it is being placed in DVD with our attempts to recreate the event.

Lastly, based on our experience, the data collected, and the data collected from the other research groups, we feel that there could be active residual paranormal events occurring at this historical monument. We feel that further investigation is necessary and hope to have the chance afforded to us again. We feel that this location would benefit from an extended research time covering over a few weeks or longer. We further suggest that active, 0 lux cameras be placed to monitor the environment while no one is present so as to capture any anomalous activity that might occur.

Unknown dark shadow in well lit area

Attempt #1 at recreation of dark shadow

Attempt #2 at recreation of dark shadow

Odd purple glow